Thursday, 14 June 2018

Emma's Gifts.

Nobody hearing Emma grumble would have guessed that every day she was the recipient of more gifts compared to she could count. When she opened her eyes in the early morning, there were always a pile of presents sitting by her bed. All day, in fact, she received one gift after another. Yet strangely sufficient, Emma took the majority of the presents for given. The only time she truly thought about the gifts was when one really did not arrive ... or when a friend got a present that appeared much better than hers. On one specific mid-day, Emma was feeling especially blue. A present she 'd been hoping to have for a long time still had not gotten here. She was bordered by all the various other gifts that had arrived-- yet Emma wasn't appreciating them. Rather, she was bemoaning the absence of the one gift she longed for. Emma had great needs to desire the gift also. Couldn't she offer the king-- the giver of the presents-- far better if she had that gift? Had not been it an excellent present she wished for? Certainly, it was! Yet why, then, did it not come? " Why so downcast, Emma?" the concern came from Emma's sis, Mary. " That present I have actually been desiring still isn't really below," Emma sulked. Mary stopped briefly before responding, evaluating her words thoroughly. "Emma, do you trust the king?" The question alarmed Emma a little. Obviously she trusted the king! Why the king had rescued her from jail. She would certainly swore to offer Him with whatever within her. " Certainly," she responded. " As well as did you not tell him your life belonged to him?" Emma responded, and Mary proceeded. " Then you have actually no cause to complain about the gifts." Emma understood her sis was right. What a fool she 'd been! Exactly what did it matter if that gift showed up anyhow? If she needed this present to finish the jobs the king had for her, he would send it. If not, after that he should have another thing for her to do. In either case, though, she had actually been losing out on the delight of serving the king and also appreciating for the gifts she had been given. Emma provided her sibling a hug, and scampered out of the room with a light heart once again. She was bordered by presents-- and also it was time to start living like it.